Hop on the Wave of the Grid Players Playland

After hearing for months about this wonderful amazing FREE software that gives you your own personal playland to run on your very own pc desktop we finally took the plunge.  At first we were a wee bit nervous it might be too intimidating or way over our limited techy experiences. Smiles,  it was so easy to set up and omg smooth running and quick ! and lag? what’s that? It’s virtual gone with your own private  ‘New World Studio’.  After reading ‘Hypergrid Business’ article “Free Open Sim in a Snap” by Maria Korolov we were rearing to give it a try.   We’re so new into it I don’t want to give out any misinformation but let me tell you,  if you love to build, terra, change, tweak, experiment and want to learn the ins and outs of grid and sim administration then join this new wave of growing metaverse users enjoying this great opportunity.  “Amazing” it what we keep saying each time we log into our own little world, letting our imaginations run wild with prims and pixels.

As we get to know more about how to hook up to others (via Hypergrid/Stargate) and how to allow friends in I’ll share the info. Enjoy! http://code.google.com/p/newworldstudio/wiki/QuickStart


Easter comes around in the spring, along with new life, new flowers, and when the earth renews itself after a long, cold winter. The word Easter comes to us from the Norsemen’s Eostur, Eastar, Ostara, and Ostar, and the pagan goddess Eostre, involving the season of the growing sun and new birth. The ‘Easter’ Bunny arose originally as a symbol of fertility, since the rapid reproduction rates of the hare and rabbit can not be denied.

Starting in a NEW Virtual World is like having Spring open up to you with each new grid you try.  There will be a new avatar look, new clothing, new friends, new places to explore and new plans to make for your new self.  Some use the same avatar name in every grid they go into (if possible, the new Second Life register only allows one name now, no last names) and some may choose a new and different name for each grid. 

One constant in all grids is the FREEBIE.  Seems all new grids set out some Freebies at their welcome center or donate a full sim to setting out Freebies.  Freebies are acquired by buying the box of goodies for 0$ or by taking a free copy.  Freebies can be skins, shapes, clothing, homes, furniture, animations, scripts, landscaping just about anything made.  Another way to find Freebies is to explore shops through out the grid, many shop owners offer a free gift (freebie) set by their shop entrance and sometimes these shop freebies are the best of the best.  If the search is working in the new grid you’ve entered do a search for “Freebies” and see what pops up.

New beginnings and Freebies…. what could be more fun? Happy Easter everyone!!!

And the FUN Continues

What’s your idea of fun when it comes to internet options? Many enjoy Facebook, keeping in touch with loved ones and friends, sharing pictures and quotes and such.  Many blog speaking their minds or just dilly dallying.  Many play games like Poker or Bejewelled or action games like shoot ’em ups and racing.  And many play Virtual Worlds.  What kind of fun do they offer you say… well, there are so many ways to have fun in VW I probably will miss a few ways but will list those I do know.

First there is ‘role play’.  Role play is where you dress and talk your avatar up in the ways of themed sim offering role playing.  You could be a dragon, a fairy, a mermaid, a cowboy or an Indian.  You could visit Berlin as it was back in the 1920’s or visit Starfleet set in the future or try Steampunk which is gaining great popularity in many virtual worlds.  In role play you create your own ‘back story’ (where you tell where you came from and what powers if any you may have and explain how you arrived) in relationship to the themed sim’s storyline.  At first its seems a bit awkward then as you get into the swing of things you can’t wait to see what may develop next.  Some sims are very strict with role playing rules and guidelines, some sims are loose and more impromtu style of role play.  It’s up to you which you decide to try and what’s more fun for you.

Second there is shoot ’em games! Want to kill some zombies??? or show your skill at archery or start or join a gang and rival other gangs? Many  virtual worlds have all the tools you’ll need including bandages when you get shot, doctors and hospitals to heal you or on the fantasy sims healing powers are built in for your special avatar and some can even bring you back from the dead.  How fun is that?

Third is racing, automobiles, motorcylces, boats, horses and even airplanes.  You can win awards like trophies, virtual monies or a creative item such as a house or new automobile etc.  You can learn to do stunts too.   Contests are held often and like any competitive sport practice makes perfect.  It’s amazing how the hours melt away as your racing for practice or in a scheduled contest.  One of the best things about this style of fun in a virtual world is meeting folks just like yourself  from all over the globe who also love the trill of a race and are interested in automobiles, motorcycles or whatever form of transportation you’ve chosen.  So if you love racing then this is for you.

Next there is surfing (my favorite). Grab a board, find a wave and jump in the virtual oceans and away you go.  Learn to do tricks like a flip, barrell, cutbacks, hang ten or off the lip.  With surfing there is a whole community who love the beach sims and have organized teams and started associations and have their own magazines and judges.  Contests are held often and usually last half a day or longer just like in real life.  Many virtual surfers also have or still surf in the real world.  At first you think, I’ll never learn to do that but many veteran surfers are willing to teach you the ropes and the right buttons to push and you’ll be amazed how real it feels as you shoot the curl on these virtual waves.  Speaking of waves, in the beginning there was just one kind… as technology progressed so did the virtual surf waves and now there are many styles to try.  Surfers love to party when they are not on the water so if you’re looking for a social community to join and love the sunshine, then try the virtual surf scene.

Safe paths


More FUN in Virtual Worlds

Yesterday I talked about music and virtual worlds.  Today let’s dance! Yes one can puppeteer their avatar to dance, alone or with a partner or with a group.  In the beginning dances were done by clicking on a ‘pose ball’, pink for ladies and blue for the gentlemen.  There are also large floating Dance Balls (allows 20 or more avatars to dance and holds 20 or more dances) and Dance Systems where you choose which dance you want from a menu and can change at will.  You can also make your own HUD (Heads Up Display) where you program in your favorite dances.

Then there is the ‘chim’ which you wear, most popular place to wear is the hip. All the dances in the chim are choreographed in a sequence of your choice.  The ‘chim’  is similar to the HUD except the dances loop and you do not choose which dance to activate. The chim is  invisible and only your friends can click on your chim, or you can send them an invite to dance with  you step by step. 

Virtual worlds have many specialized dances too, like the River Dance which is very popular with the Irish members and the surfing community (another blog subject to come) or John Travolta’s Saturday Night Live dance or one of my favorites Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance. 

So pop on in a virtual world and let’s dance! your feet won’t ache and you can literally ‘Dance ALL Night’… have FUN!

Safe Paths



Virtual Worlds, or commonly referred to as ‘VW’… have you been in one? or two or three?? I recall the overwhelming feeling of entering a magical place the first time I connected to my first VW called ‘Second Life’ back in the spring of 2006.  Magical is the best word to describe the look and feel of a virtual world.  The virtual world is full of beautiful colorful amazing creations from the imagination of many cultures and global members.  You can call up a sunrise or a sunset with the click of your mouse.  You can fly high above the virtual terrain or fly low following streams of glistening waters through fields of virtual flowers. You wonder how it works, but don’t really care.  You’re amazed and awed and then you meet another VW player.  And the real adventures begin.

After many years of VW playing I feel like I’ve seen and done most everything one can do in a VW. Then the unbelievable happened.  My partner, Duderz Lebowski  and I were ‘banned’ from the VW grid called ‘InWorldz’.  We lost two years of our created virtual items and now can not pop in on our many friends and see how they are doing.  It’s been a month now since the ban, and we’re still feeling sad and wronged.  In a nutshell, a fraud and scam was being played out by another player who was high into ‘drama’ so he faked his death and asked for donations from the good citizens of InWorldz.  His alleged real sister posted the details of this  ‘real world’ scenario, saying he was in a horrific auto accident and died at the scene.  My partner, who owns AAcme Detective Agency, established in Second Life in 2007, investigated this fraud, found out the truth and gave his report to the citizens to decide for themselves.  In this report only the avatar name was used (which is the same name he uses in Facebook: NO REAL LIFE NAME OR ADDRESS WAS  USED).  Given today’s technology, within hours we had all the information needed to refute their claim.

]Kill the messenger!!!! that is exactly what the owners (aka: founders) of InWorldz did in their ridiculous effort to keep us quiet. And lo and behold a month later the avatar who “died” in real life arose from the dead and is back playing in InWorldz as if nothing happened.  Oh and also with the blessing of the founders.  There is really nothing we can do, its their world, their business and they can run it however they wish, fairness be damned! Many citizens protested our ban, and spoke out in support of us. We were told some of them were also banned from the ‘forum’  (a place where discussions take place regarding the virtual world) for speaking out.

Today I post my first VW Blog.  Today InWorldz is having their first convention in Las Vegas. I know some of  those attending will surely be in fear to speak out about notable subjects.  The InWorldz folks say their world is different, their world is friendly and their world is a real community working together.  This could not be further from the truth.  Their world is run by a hot-headed, miserable, non-listening tyrannical leader who loves ‘drama’ and makes snap decisions without bothering to examine all the facts.  But most of all she loves the fact that she is God in this world and will always have the last word be it right or wrong.  “Are you not ashamed of heaping up the greatest amount of money and honour and reputation, and caring so little about wisdom and truth and the greatest improvement of the soul?”  ~Socrates

The arrogance and heavy handed manner in which the InWorldz founders handle disputes between residents is well known by more than half of the residents I’ve spoken to about it over the last two years.  A rule of thumb used is “whoever pays the most tier wins the fight”.  As a business decision this makes sense.  However, it is my belief that most residents are looking for a place to create content for the  virtual world, not be harassed, and to have some fun. If you’re playing on the InWorldz grid now, ask yourself  “How long has it been since I had fun in InWorldz”?  While many residents are struggling to conduct a business in a VW the sad truth is that those “content buyers” who would become their customers will move on to a world where they are not treated as second class citizens.

Due to this situation, the founders amended their Term of Service in another ridiculous effort to confuse the situation and making it appear that we violated some code of ethics or privacy rights.   The link we gave to the residents  is the same link on the avatar’s profile for anyone to view, we did not violate his privacy.

We will watch the demise of this grid, which could have been one of the best, with sorrow.  It will always be tainted by this situation which could have  been handled with style and grace and never of gotten out of control had the founder been a compassionate leader.  My hope is more InWorldz residents will finally see the light and leave on their own accord to a better and brighter world.  There are many many many grids to play on now, (Like Second Life, 3rd Rock, OSgrid, Avination, Avatar Connection and Tertiary, just to name a few) not like it was back at the turn of the century when Second Life dominated the VW concept.

Initially we hoped to be reinstated as residents in InWorldz but recent developments have convinced us beyond any doubt we are better off for having escaped.

Safe paths,