Virtual Worlds, or commonly referred to as ‘VW’… have you been in one? or two or three?? I recall the overwhelming feeling of entering a magical place the first time I connected to my first VW called ‘Second Life’ back in the spring of 2006.  Magical is the best word to describe the look and feel of a virtual world.  The virtual world is full of beautiful colorful amazing creations from the imagination of many cultures and global members.  You can call up a sunrise or a sunset with the click of your mouse.  You can fly high above the virtual terrain or fly low following streams of glistening waters through fields of virtual flowers. You wonder how it works, but don’t really care.  You’re amazed and awed and then you meet another VW player.  And the real adventures begin.

After many years of VW playing I feel like I’ve seen and done most everything one can do in a VW. Then the unbelievable happened.  My partner, Duderz Lebowski  and I were ‘banned’ from the VW grid called ‘InWorldz’.  We lost two years of our created virtual items and now can not pop in on our many friends and see how they are doing.  It’s been a month now since the ban, and we’re still feeling sad and wronged.  In a nutshell, a fraud and scam was being played out by another player who was high into ‘drama’ so he faked his death and asked for donations from the good citizens of InWorldz.  His alleged real sister posted the details of this  ‘real world’ scenario, saying he was in a horrific auto accident and died at the scene.  My partner, who owns AAcme Detective Agency, established in Second Life in 2007, investigated this fraud, found out the truth and gave his report to the citizens to decide for themselves.  In this report only the avatar name was used (which is the same name he uses in Facebook: NO REAL LIFE NAME OR ADDRESS WAS  USED).  Given today’s technology, within hours we had all the information needed to refute their claim.

]Kill the messenger!!!! that is exactly what the owners (aka: founders) of InWorldz did in their ridiculous effort to keep us quiet. And lo and behold a month later the avatar who “died” in real life arose from the dead and is back playing in InWorldz as if nothing happened.  Oh and also with the blessing of the founders.  There is really nothing we can do, its their world, their business and they can run it however they wish, fairness be damned! Many citizens protested our ban, and spoke out in support of us. We were told some of them were also banned from the ‘forum’  (a place where discussions take place regarding the virtual world) for speaking out.

Today I post my first VW Blog.  Today InWorldz is having their first convention in Las Vegas. I know some of  those attending will surely be in fear to speak out about notable subjects.  The InWorldz folks say their world is different, their world is friendly and their world is a real community working together.  This could not be further from the truth.  Their world is run by a hot-headed, miserable, non-listening tyrannical leader who loves ‘drama’ and makes snap decisions without bothering to examine all the facts.  But most of all she loves the fact that she is God in this world and will always have the last word be it right or wrong.  “Are you not ashamed of heaping up the greatest amount of money and honour and reputation, and caring so little about wisdom and truth and the greatest improvement of the soul?”  ~Socrates

The arrogance and heavy handed manner in which the InWorldz founders handle disputes between residents is well known by more than half of the residents I’ve spoken to about it over the last two years.  A rule of thumb used is “whoever pays the most tier wins the fight”.  As a business decision this makes sense.  However, it is my belief that most residents are looking for a place to create content for the  virtual world, not be harassed, and to have some fun. If you’re playing on the InWorldz grid now, ask yourself  “How long has it been since I had fun in InWorldz”?  While many residents are struggling to conduct a business in a VW the sad truth is that those “content buyers” who would become their customers will move on to a world where they are not treated as second class citizens.

Due to this situation, the founders amended their Term of Service in another ridiculous effort to confuse the situation and making it appear that we violated some code of ethics or privacy rights.   The link we gave to the residents  is the same link on the avatar’s profile for anyone to view, we did not violate his privacy.

We will watch the demise of this grid, which could have been one of the best, with sorrow.  It will always be tainted by this situation which could have  been handled with style and grace and never of gotten out of control had the founder been a compassionate leader.  My hope is more InWorldz residents will finally see the light and leave on their own accord to a better and brighter world.  There are many many many grids to play on now, (Like Second Life, 3rd Rock, OSgrid, Avination, Avatar Connection and Tertiary, just to name a few) not like it was back at the turn of the century when Second Life dominated the VW concept.

Initially we hoped to be reinstated as residents in InWorldz but recent developments have convinced us beyond any doubt we are better off for having escaped.

Safe paths,


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  1. AT NO TIME HAVE I EVER POSTED ANY RL NAMES OR ADDRESSES OF FELLOW RESIDENTS…the fact that the founders of inw want to characterize that i did speaks volumes…to change the tos a month later further supports my assertion that i did not violate the tos…. i knew within hours that a scam was being perpetrated by asking for donations to a faked funeral….i mistakenly assumed the founders would want to be made aware of this…. but when Ell immediately took sides with the thugs and i was left with no alternatve but to make it public…if they assumed i would shut up and go away they were wrong…..Duderz Lebowski

  2. this is the addition to the terms of service that was added A MONTH AFTER we were banned:
    “Dissemination of information relating to another persons real life identity (including but not limited to links, names, addresses, etc) without their consent is forbidden. Violators may be subject to termination. ”
    I wonder how a founder could justify banning an avatar on these grounds if the addition to the terms of service came about AFTER the “offense”, especially when the link to a face book page is the exact same name used in the grid?.. and furthermore was posted in an effort (successful in this case) to expose a fraudulent request for donations from the residents of the grid. You founders pretend to be protecting privacy, but the protection of privacy does not apply nor would anyone expect to start a FB acct using thier avatar name….make all the posts on that fb page concerning amnd about that grid …then yell “MY PRIVACY HAS BEEN INVADED!!””” cmon lol this is rediculous

  3. im used to virtual worlds and the way things go with some avies…been in vws 6 years now and i have grown to expect this sort of thing from other residents…what surprised hell outta me was the way the founders handled this…..even after quezz admitted to being alive…(with an obviously contrived story that his own sister had for a month been confused abt which of her brothers was killed)….the founders still cannot see (or wont) that this was obviously a faked death…that since his sister was soliciting donations for the memorial it fell into something the founders should have thanked me for taking the time to expose it at least……mark my words..that rainbow bunch of thugs will not “change thier spots.”…and you can expect more crap from them….and the founders will do nothing….because as always when that female founder makes a snap decision it has never to my knowledge been rescinded……i wish i could be as error free as she always is..ive talked with a few people since this began over a month ago and heard many stories of her dictorial ways….my advice to anyone who has negative dealings with her….if you have been paying for a sim, do as **(((gulliver)))** did…write to another founder threaten to sue and they will make her leave you alone.

  4. look at this page…. which was posted the same day quezz admitted he wasnt killed in any accident on the inw threads.she still pretends hes gone…i dunno about you but you are probly tired of this whole thing and the sick minds that twist what should be something to enjoy with thier sick, weak attempts to manipulate others i know i am very tired of it…ive been consumed by the total injustice of it and been online over a month now getting to the bottom of it. i am done……with virtual worlds where this sort of thing is rampant. what had become a very useful thing to do in my retirement has turned into yet another way to be disgusted with people. im going to go ahead and thank those who showed us support in the forum since thier names are already known by the founders..lion, boo ty so much…it was very nice to have known such as you who stand up for what is right…to the others who supported us in private…ty also..we understand you are muffled by the expectation of reprisal….goodbye to all…after 6 years of learning to build etc…i will never log onto another virtual grid again….but let me also warn those who will certainly follow my rl wife sunbeam to another grid to harrass her….i have learned very much about tracking people online …………..

  5. You guys- I am sorry this happened. That you got banned for bringing it to light- yes it was an obvious bs fest- BUT – it did violate TOS. Even before the re-write. Putting up links to FB- even if the subject is the one responsible to the RL stuff, is a clear violation of TOS, Your intent was good in that u wanted to show people the possibility that they were being scammed- but you did go too far with the FB post –

    Personally, I hold no ill will towards you over this and I didn’t know the alleged victim at all and find the whole stink deplorable and am sorry u r gone as u guys were a welcome part of the grid.

    That said- TOS is TOS and it was violated. Sorry you feel you were wronged, I wish you could step back and see that TOS has to be upheld. It protects us all. I wish you the best in what ever grid you decide to call home. As for the supposed “victim”, well- the credibility must be about nil…

    • hi ama, i couldn’t agree with you more. i am happy that the situation resulted in a clarification of the TOS, a clarification was indeed needed, or it would not have been necessary. the legalese which is necessary in any terms of service results in ambiguous terms such as “to include, but not limited to” leaving much doubt in my mind as to what the terms of service really are. that said, I have admitted from the beginning i went too far, but especially since the terms of service needed clarification that only points out my lack of guidance by the founders as to what would be a violation. i guess what I’m trying to say is, the degree of punishment we received was not at all commensurate with the offense I admit i committed.

      • hi ama, I’d just like to add one thing. The TOS did not protect me when i was “harassed” by the supposed victim’s sister, Genkido who clearly attacked me out of the blue via IM saying “i hope your happy now Quezz died last night and won’t bother you anymore”. I asked Ele for advice on how to handle that attack and Ele replied that Genkido was just “lashing out in grief and I should let it roll off my back” and even went so far as to say she would of done the same to me or worse. AFTER that exchange Duderz sent out the offending notecard with the links because it was apparent to us we would see no application of the TOS towards Genkido. In any case we are better off because we would not of left on our own accord. Sun

    • ok after a year of inworldz wow has it changed. The founders have done so many good things. But that still does not out weigh the right to take away freedom of speech. Collect thousands of dollars from residents only to have Elenia troll them in the forums. To see there senior mentors attack wonderful old time residents in the forums.
      and the moment you post something to defend your self you are thrown away.
      I am on Spring break and will not be back for a while. But watching how they beat up not 1 or 2 but many people in the forums has shown that the founders Have become worse than the lindens.
      The lindens never took away my freedom of speech.
      For you to moderate people in your forums and still allow the mentors to abuse these people Shame on you three.
      And Jim Tarber just collect the money.
      I went there 50,000 members 156 online and today right now 73,000 members 121 online. to be fare at other times it is just over 200.

      The fact is your mentors do not do retention so it is time to grow up IW. you have a great little sim. But you need to recognize this Beth stay out of the residents business.
      Just edit things that are not to your policy. But the moment you take away freedom of speech you open the door to thousand of activist. You have done nothing but look like a troll in the forum Beth. And people use you because you are so predictable.
      Stir it up bring Beth in make her look mean. get in your car Beth go to the bank and just edit things before you become that drama queen they say you are.

      So long inworldz I will be spending my time doing Machima in SL path finding has brought new Ideas.
      happy birthday IW

  6. Yes it is… I recall your last IM to me saying how it made you cry and remember a friend who had passed on and if it was a scam or fraud you’d be very upset. I’m sorry it did turn out the way it did. Hopefully you weren’t too hurt. Take care Sun

  7. how did this all start? quezz imed sunbeam saying he had invited the mardi gras to be in his city,indicating to her he had no idea how to go abot the preparations….then asked her to manage the vendor booths among several other things…sunbeam established a date that setup would begin and that it would be 1 booth per avie and it was to be on a 1st come basis. doreese came a week early…demanded 3 booths and began setting up. as soon as the exchange between dorees and sunbeam occured ,,,genkido stepped in and banned sunbeam from that sim….and quezz was “killed”………so it comes down to this…because sunbeam was trying to manage the booths in a fair to all residents manner and the rainbow thugs wouldnt know fairness if it bit them in the ass we ennded up banned because of harrassment from them that the founders refused to recognize as suchj

  8. and the tshirts dorees is trying to give away saying “BANNED? SO STFU” will not effect my ability to speak out in anyway i see fit…because here we establish the “tos” and no one will be banned for speaking out

  9. while i admit above and have several times, etc…i do think one thing is being overlooked the terms of service the wording even still says…”Dissemination of information relating to another persons real life identity (including but not limited to links, names, addresses, etc) without their consent is forbidden. Violators may be subject to termination.” i will say this one more time…I DID NOT POST ANY RL NAMES OR ADDRESSES..the link i posted was to was using the same avatar name in both inworlds and the FB page ……… if by chance…which i highly doubt, Quezz Burton was using his rl name on inw i had no way of knowing that, but in any case…i am perplexed how i can be banned for revealing anything that was in any way construed to be a rl name address or anything that was covered or even now is covered in the tos, except perhaps it was in the “including but not limited to” or the “etc”…leaving the founders so much latitude to interpret…omg everyday we post links to pages without that page owners permission….obviously im not going to get anywhere with this…nor is it my intention to try and get back into a grid that i personally had given up on months ago… when the climate inw changed from one of family and comradship to what it has become now..over run with secondlife rejects and those who come over and think they are in on the groundfloor of what will become as big as will never be as big as 2ndlife…but it is slowly becoming just like 2ndlife in so many ways…watch the video from the conference..when tranq makes the blunder of saing he looks at as a business, which he very well should and obviously would…both the female founder and legion have horrified looks on there faces for a second and trip over each other verbally to correct him , “its a family” cmon….they can see the slipping away from that themselves…but they are not fooling anyone at all …a family?………come on…thats just tommy rot now….something to say to the folks in red pants…a family does not have TOS , nor does a family interpret and change the rules after the fact…the sad fact is that in inw…just like 2ndlife the class distinction is…i own a sim, and you dont, so i can treat you in any shabby manner i choose and the founders will back me up because of that…and they do…that has been the single most repeated phrase i have heard for the last month, though always in private because no one wants to say it publicly…”if a dispute arises it is always the one who pays the highest tier who prevails”….i had 2 sims both donated for my use by kind residents….so…if i was banned it would not change the grid sim total the donators would continue to keep them…but if the rainbow thugs were caught with thier pants down in a bogus attemt to harras and cheat, yes even steal….they might leave and there would be less income for the inw coffers……i will end now….with one final thought…the collection of donations for whatever charaties etc. might need them is affected by these thugs who would, and did, beyond any doubt, try to scam us. in my mind that is a much greater and certainly clearer transgression than posting a link to a fb page that is clearly not being used for rl purposes but to support the inw efforts of that person my fav qoute from the tos
    “Intolerance is not tolerated.”

  10. Hey guys i heard the trueth about what happened i finally got back to iw and now this i was so upset this happened to you two, I feel it could have been a set up too I mean u guys were really popular and still are, because of what happened alot of the older people who first came in decided to leave iw, they might go back just ot check on a shop that is about it. i’m bummed-candy

  11. So i just got onto avatar connection and was wondering how to find you, pls contact me . same name on here as there

  12. Miss you guys a lot — wish this hadn’t happened to you. Best of luck where ever you decide to land.

    • ty jill, i apologize if i seem angry…but i am, and i think anyone would be….some are complaining i seem too angry…maybe so…but the world has turned upside down in the past few years and im sick of it……..

    • wherever we land we wont use these names tho ….i was born at nite but not last nite, and i know what to expect if we tried to. i hate ending my good name in this fashion but i am calming down a bit …many are saying i should have cooled down a bit sooner, and perhaps it could have been fixed….we decided we were done with inw when miss ele handled the situation so unprofessionally from the very beginning …sunny tried to talk with her way b4 i took off the gloves and for her effort to do that she was insulted berated and ignored….we have recieved 94 communications in various forms since this happened and i have sorted thru them..out of that 94 i have counted 51 that say they have had similar problems with ele…..pls note that this blog now has 54 followers food for thought to say the least

  13. ***(note to Doreese)…..pls remove the many obscenities from your post here and resubmit….we “are only 12 years old” …and mommy prefers we dont see such filthy language

  14. Doreese has declined to repost her comment… “No… I won’t be changing it because I was responding to your use of my name and I quote “and the tshirts dorees is trying to give away saying “BANNED? SO STFU” will not effect my ability to speak out in anyway i see fit…because here we establish the “tos” and no one will be banned for speaking out” Hum… I was just speaking out.”…no. Doreese you were NOT “just speaking out”, you were doing so with profanity and had you ommitted those profanities your post would be posted as is. thats all i was asking you to do, so it was, and is, your choice.

  15. however i choose to post excerpts for the purposes of my response…

    Doreese:.”What?…. Like no one has ever faked their avie death before then suddenly arises from the depths of avie hell like nothing ever happened?”…….so now the story is changing for the 3rd time, …., the original post by Genkido Ramaty posted February 23.

    “Dear friends, i am only online for a few minutes to let everyone know that Quezz Burton, my RL brother had passed away the night of 02/22/12 he was on his way to the grocery store when he was hit by a semi truck that hit a patch of ice, the driver of the viechle, his brother survived, however Quezz did not. The RL furenal will be for family only. but once i am back onlinehere i a few days i will have a funeral for his friends here, ….”

    plainly this was NOT RP or anything but fraud intended to mislead. in any case this “RP” clearly did not include any patricipation from sunbeam so it was completely innapropriate for Genkido to post to sunbeam anything at all about it. one of the very 1st things to arise my suspicions about that lie was that it seemed very odd that a man could be killed in rl, and what is the very 1st thing his sister thinks to do?…write a nasty note to an avatar in a virtual game “i hope your happy Quezz died rl last night…….” this within 12 hours of the supposed accident.

    the use of the phrase above “Like no one has ever faked their avie death before …” is so obviously a feeble attempt to mischaracterize events and intentions. (need i mention again the solicitation of donations made by Genkido for the “memorance” (sic))?

    now that the story has changed for the 3rd or 4th time im losing count, it becomes very interesting to me…as i peruse the characters involved online…these tactics are commonly used by virtual thugs to gain attn to themselves…….heres a very interesting link to a page posted by residents of sL….you may wonder why i post this link here….TIGGs Baumont is among the very few members of a new group created by Doreese recently which has the following group charter ……
    “After the 2012 Mardi Gras drama and event fiasco, this group is formed by some of the best designers & builders on Inworldz dedicated to making events on Inworldz memorable & fun with no drama ~ no favoritism ~ no power trips above all HONESTY! You must be referred by a group member. If your looking for the BEST people to help plan an event, look here. If your a drama queen wanting to join this group as an alt (and you know who you are), get the out of my chat window and grow up!
    incredible choice of words for a group charter to begin with, seems that the group is more about and concerned with drama than anything else…..and to indicate ” no drama ~ no favoritism ~ no power trips above all HONESTY”…is rediculous when this intire mess was originally started because Doreese wanted to have 3 booths instead of the 1 booth allowed to everyone else…and set up a week earlier than anyone else…..because she was “friends with Quezz”
    and a final thought….the Mardi Gras festival was (according to them) a huge fiasco….SUNBEAM WAS BANNED FROM THE SIM IT WAS TO BE HELD ON 11 days before the event….after arranging it and setting in place most of the preparations…if the choice to ban the person who had put most of it together resulted in ruining the event that was a poor choice indeed….
    Doreese : “NO ONE even TRIED to welcome us or was even REMOTELY friendly except for a hand full of residents from the Rainbow sim.”……………..hmmmm i wonder why????

  16. and to those who would characterize my words here as “too angry” or “who cares?”…i point to the 53 followers and over 200 views …there IS some interest in what has happened to us in in this grid…..and how angry would you be if after almost 2 years you were ambushed like this and left no recourse but to speak out about it?…..the 1 most interesting thing is this….there WAS NO DRAMA BETWEEN SUNNY AND QUEZZ, a few minor disagreements about minor details, that WERE being worked out…..until he suddenly “DIED” in RL…and genkido steped in banning sunny for no given reason except that she was a Phycologist in rl (LMAO) and recognized a power struggle when she saw it…..lies, deciept, subterfuge, changing stories…this is what inw is coming to….. mark my words …the founders are supporting this and trying to act like they are doing so to protect your privacy…..I POSTED NO RL INFO ABOUT ANYONE that wasnt available to anyone who cared to look……my successful attempt to expose the fraud was what got us banned…nothing else…….i had no inside information…i simply used the tools available to anyone who has an internet connection…..

    after using those tools i was aware a fraudulent solicitation of donations was occuring in the grid, after being rebuked by the founder(s)…i made that info public…one thing ele hates more than anything else is the public disclosure of her tyranical methods….i wasnt really that surprised at being banned…and we are not “playing on the grid with alts” as Doreese says, we have moved on…..but that isnt to say that we dont still have many alts there..

    and to those who created this mess Quezz, Genkido, Doreese …i say one thing…. whoever you meet in this grid, whoever , ……… will wonder……………… will mistrust…your hell will never end…..nor would i have it any other way

  17. after all is said and done….(and it appears “all” has been said)…lol it certainly comes down to this……genkido was outright lying about the death in the 1st place, and since that was, and has been proven to be false…..the response to sunny by a founder that “she (genkido) was lashing out in grief” for the loss of her brother in rl…..was indeed in error also….so, the effort to report that undeniable harrassment to ele was at the very least mishandled by her and resulted in my making it public…… inw is on the decline by all reports except those issued by the founders…i am fairly sure that we will see more and more of the long time residents leaving…it has already started and i hope i have been instrumental in some small way to the demise of that grid….

  18. interested in having a free sandbox on your hard drive, where you can build and create to your hearts content…unbothered by those who would manipulate you to thier own ends, whether those ends are outright profit as with the founders …or just for fun as with the thugs we have all seen in vws since the very early days of 2ndlife…but are now “coming over” to inw??? follow this link…its not nearly as hard to do as i imagined…….

  19. i am very tired now of playing this “game” with these people….and i am aware i have played right into thier hands by giving thier names such notoriety here… sincerest apologies for not having handled it more gracefully……..i do indeed regret that aspect….therefore i will not post here about this subject again……Sunbeam is the sweetest most helpful person i have ever known in any “world”, and most of the residents in inw know that…….my only excuse is that i just could not stand by and watch as she was so blatantly attacked by the aforementioned thugs, and the final straw was seeing her attacked so viciously by ele. immediately, without taking a single minute to look into it, elenia llewellyn (or however you spell it) sided with…those who in the end were proven to be at the very least soliciting donations on HER grid under false pretenses………ive yet to hear any response to that claim ive made here and many other places from ele….why? why not show the residents the whole story……admit your part in this mess…is it at all familiar what is happening here?….well if its not familiar now, rest assured it will become so

  20. in the past week we have been contacted thru various means of communication formats by no fewer than 8 residents concerning the continued mis-adventures of a (un-named) founder of that dispicable grid, inworldz….not wishing to belabor the point we feel we must respond here, as we have been permanantly banned from posting on any grid related threads etc……………….

  21. 1st…we have not been contacted by any founder of that grid since we were both permanantly banned…even though we have seen the founder is stating she offered us the opportunity to come back….(as if we would want to) …that founder continues to mis-state the facts. In the 5 months that have elapsed since we have been banned, we have seen several similar mis-statements by that founder and wonder……… why?……..

  22. why mislead the fellow residents about what really happened and the feeble attempts to cover up her mishandling that situation where-in we exposed fraudulent solicitation of donations

  23. changing the TOS to make it appear they had been violated is the most obvious of these attempts to cover her ass….however, the communications recieved by us this past week shows us the lack of success the founder has achieved in those efforts…….WOOT!!!!

  24. there is definately an exodus from that grid now……..and we are contacted daily from residents there asking which grid we are on now……(after having the pleasure of reading thier own personal experience)………………..

  25. I see that there are several Stories floating around about what happened, so here i am clearing up everything and telling you REAL STORY

    i had created Rainbow City as a SIM that excepted all people, i personally brought Sunbeam Magic onto the SIM immediately due to the great relationship that her and myself had from the original Rainbow City on IW. I respect her and i respected everyone that was on the grid and wanting to help. Sunbeam did do a lot for the SIM and the Mardi Gras event, as did i at first, however when i left Sunbeam was still placing booths for the event, the drama was not from her or anyone, The drama was between my sister and i, she went on a power trip. Her and i argued for a few days, when i decided to give up everything and leave the world, leaving the event in Sunbeam and Kiera’s hands, since they were the other event planners and i knew they could handle it, my intentions were to come back after the event, remove my sister from the Rainbow City Sim team members, instead i return to a mass mess of drama, and i was apparently dead. from the information that i gathered from members on IW, Genkido Ramamty had told everyone i died in a car accident. I was upset and furious with her. We got into a argument and i gave up, i told her take it all i am done with this drama and i am done with the VWs. Later she stirred up more drama and acted as me under my account. During the events she changed my email and password logged into me through the events and even after the events pretending to be me. I created an alt reported it to the founders. What was done after that i have no clue.

    So i ask you all, before discussing those issues please make sure that you have all the facts correct. All that drama was created by Genkido Ramaty, because she could not get her way.
    I am not asking anyone of you to believe this or speak to me, i could care less, however i post this for you all to know the truth. As of this day i still do not enter the VWs. When i left, i left for good.

    As for what happened to the members that were removed from the grid known as inwoldz i am sorry that it happened to you and i hope that you have found a new world in which you enjoy being in.

  26. you right I don’t believe anyone that give out there name and password. you have done that and so that means I have no clue who is posting this.
    People pkease do not ever give out your name and password. TO anyone not your mom dad or your dog RUFF RUF.
    As far as alt’s go OMG look at who poor sunbeam had to deal with.

    • Awww I see now, you were speaking of Quezz and Geniko and their alts and craziness LOL … thanks for the comments Eric Jones~ InWorst has not gotten any better but worse I hear from many members still there. A real shame! There are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo many GREAT new grids now… I’m enjoying being a Gridhopper. Try it!

  27. it’s all good Sunnyone and Dude-)) they continue to have less paid regions than last sept of 2012 and I fully expect they will never be anything of value in the greater Metaverse.

    A sad waste of time that grid was…for us all…fortunately others see this and do not buy into it.

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  29. boo!!! and just to follow up, they still have less paid regions than in sept 2012-)) I love karma, don’t you? the dude abides and so does sunbeam, my heartsis 4ever and ever!!

  30. I also got banned just because someone complaint that photo i used in a package were similar to a vendor in SL. Without even confirming it whether it is true or not, so called Founder of Inworldz – Ellisa banned me. Atleast SL founders are more friendlier than IW, since SL founders dont ban people just like that. Thats why SL is rocking. Of couse some sim owners of SL are rude.

    • Wow sorry to hear of your ban… it is an odd feeling to be virtually banned. SL is fun and I have enjoyed the freedom of Metropolis too. Happy Virtual Worlds to you!

    • Wow, new comments here and Sunbeam is on it!!

      Yea Nemo, beth/elenia the main owner of inwz is a complete drama queen and belongs in the loony house. She gets away with it because she has even more nutcases supporting her and spreading their lies.

      You are better off learning, I promise you.

      If you want to try other grids I suggest either Metropolis which is non-commercial or Kitely which is commercial, both are on the hypergates.

      You might wish to read my blog on some of the issues in inwz also.

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