RL vs. Metaverse

HELLLLLLLLLLLLO! I’m back …. sorry folks, my computer died a month ago (registry issues) and trying for two weeks to fix it myself I about gave up! ugh!!! I did have access to the Dude’s computer, but his is sooooooooooo different I felt like a foreigner who didn’t know the language struggling just to survive each moment and hoping I won’t fatally break something by hitting the wrong key.  Talk about trepidation! 

For the last six to seven years I have been a Metraverse Junkie! Its the first thing I do each morning with coffee. Email, FB, Poker, Games and Grids… and to believe this all started with ‘Pong’ LMAO!  Anyway after getting hooked on grid games, starting with Second Life, and then when ‘open sim’ became available and you got free photo uploads, and imports, and could virtually ‘build and rezz for free’ I signed up with at least a dozen or more new worlds to explore. I must admit I was probably hopping these grids and sitting upright for 10+ hours per day. Yaaaa! A total genuine bona fide additive grid junkie!  Sometimes working on a special project, such as the InWorldz Home and Residences Exposition 2011 I found myself staying up all night to work in the quiet wonder of the pixelated colors and objects glowing likes ghosts of the past and future escaping from my 22″ LED screen into my living room.  My imagination went wild changing my avatar from being a mermaid one week and a pixie the next, or a Steampunk Lady, moving through the regions fluttering around like a butterfly ~ free.


With a broken wing, one can not fly so I learned to fill my real time with good old fashioned techniques of times past.  Of course the first activity I drove into was reading (Recommend: Eragon series by Chritopher Paolini, four book series! Excellent!).  I found myself staying up to 4 am in the morning (reminiscence of Grid Games) with my books.  Still lost in the  ‘fantasy’ escape, cheering on the Dragon and running through the fields in a different time zone.  My mind interlinked with the characters and enjoying the moment.

Then came jigsaw puzzle working out in the sunbeams and sunshine, Vitamin D and warm feelings .  A real rl mind game, jigsaw puzzles.  A challenge with many benefits. And as I’m outside in the sunlight my neighbors come strolling bye and say “Hello”… real live people, no bubbles, no awkward stances or poses yep its the real thing.   Your virtual friends of pixies, and mermaids, and Lady and Lords are just as real live too surrounded by imaginative creations built with virtual wood cubes… amazing!

I must say I’m happy to have my computer back, but at the same time I hope my self control will allow me to enjoy the metaverse in moderation. It was there when needed to fill time as the wait began for retirement days. I know I’ll always be a daily fix kind of gal who must turn on the love lights of the www basking a beautiful pale sheen on my cheek bones as I fly from site to site, soaking up knowledge and learning something everything.  Then I remember, I must soak up the Sunbeams too to survive both worlds. 

Blown to Smithereens

Yep… my computer exploded, died, kapoot…. its gone gone gone! AS I was “gridhopping” and exploring new worlds I saw a new one advertised called “Virtual Cities”.  I thought this is perfect for us, since we do prim cities.  I went to download the program (it redirected me to Alpha Towne, which we had been active players in a couple years ago so was really excited to see it was being revived) and then after the download and restart,  it had eaten one of my vital .dll files AND I could not even get into ‘safe mode’ to ‘restore’ to previous date.  After numerous tries and having to turn the tower off manually, now my computer won’t come on at all.   Dratz!

I  am able to use my hubby’s computer some what but it sooooooooooooooo different than mine (he has Vista, I had XP, he uses IE I use Firefox).  It just isn’t the same at all! I feel lost and isolated without my computer.  Who would of dreamed a computer would become such an important element to the quality of life in the ‘home’? I paid my bills on it, kept in touch with childhood friends, looked up receipes, searched medical info, chatted with family and of course played ‘games’ and wiled away my leisure hours having loads of fun.   Don’t know when I will get a new one.  I’m now doing jigsaw puzzles by hand, oh lordy! Anyway, to look on the bright side, when I do get a new computer the inner workings should be higher quality and with more advanced technology than my five year old custom built one.  Smiles. 

Needless to say my blog posts will be limited.  Dratz again!

And the FUN Continues

What’s your idea of fun when it comes to internet options? Many enjoy Facebook, keeping in touch with loved ones and friends, sharing pictures and quotes and such.  Many blog speaking their minds or just dilly dallying.  Many play games like Poker or Bejewelled or action games like shoot ’em ups and racing.  And many play Virtual Worlds.  What kind of fun do they offer you say… well, there are so many ways to have fun in VW I probably will miss a few ways but will list those I do know.

First there is ‘role play’.  Role play is where you dress and talk your avatar up in the ways of themed sim offering role playing.  You could be a dragon, a fairy, a mermaid, a cowboy or an Indian.  You could visit Berlin as it was back in the 1920’s or visit Starfleet set in the future or try Steampunk which is gaining great popularity in many virtual worlds.  In role play you create your own ‘back story’ (where you tell where you came from and what powers if any you may have and explain how you arrived) in relationship to the themed sim’s storyline.  At first its seems a bit awkward then as you get into the swing of things you can’t wait to see what may develop next.  Some sims are very strict with role playing rules and guidelines, some sims are loose and more impromtu style of role play.  It’s up to you which you decide to try and what’s more fun for you.

Second there is shoot ’em games! Want to kill some zombies??? or show your skill at archery or start or join a gang and rival other gangs? Many  virtual worlds have all the tools you’ll need including bandages when you get shot, doctors and hospitals to heal you or on the fantasy sims healing powers are built in for your special avatar and some can even bring you back from the dead.  How fun is that?

Third is racing, automobiles, motorcylces, boats, horses and even airplanes.  You can win awards like trophies, virtual monies or a creative item such as a house or new automobile etc.  You can learn to do stunts too.   Contests are held often and like any competitive sport practice makes perfect.  It’s amazing how the hours melt away as your racing for practice or in a scheduled contest.  One of the best things about this style of fun in a virtual world is meeting folks just like yourself  from all over the globe who also love the trill of a race and are interested in automobiles, motorcycles or whatever form of transportation you’ve chosen.  So if you love racing then this is for you.

Next there is surfing (my favorite). Grab a board, find a wave and jump in the virtual oceans and away you go.  Learn to do tricks like a flip, barrell, cutbacks, hang ten or off the lip.  With surfing there is a whole community who love the beach sims and have organized teams and started associations and have their own magazines and judges.  Contests are held often and usually last half a day or longer just like in real life.  Many virtual surfers also have or still surf in the real world.  At first you think, I’ll never learn to do that but many veteran surfers are willing to teach you the ropes and the right buttons to push and you’ll be amazed how real it feels as you shoot the curl on these virtual waves.  Speaking of waves, in the beginning there was just one kind… as technology progressed so did the virtual surf waves and now there are many styles to try.  Surfers love to party when they are not on the water so if you’re looking for a social community to join and love the sunshine, then try the virtual surf scene.

Safe paths