Different Types of “FUN”

Fun: adjective for good, happy

Fun means many things to different people.  Most people see fun as amusement, enjoyable, merry and entertaining.  In Virtual Worlds everyone is always commenting on your play by saying  “… as long as you’re having fun”.  Most people define fun as something that  makes you smile or giggle.  You can create your own fun or join in someone else’ fun.  The beauty of  Virtual Worlds is there is always some one making up fun things to do.  Virtual Worlds can be very social and everyone, young or old, skinny or fat, tall or short is invited to the party.  Parties in Virtual Worlds can be themed parties for holidays, birthdays (or as they say in VW ‘rezz day’ > the day you signed up to play in a VW),  or come as you are parties for no reason at all.  Parties can be held at a club, a home, a full sim or anywhere there may be more than three or four avatars gathered together.

Fun to some in Virtual Worlds mean  causing havoc and stress often referred to as ‘Drama’.  These type of people thrive on seeing others struggling to understand what the hell is going on.  They push your human emotion buttons with words and actions they would never say or do in the real world, because hey what can you do back, break their virtual bones? Not to mention they are totally ‘anonymous’, you have no idea who is behind  the avatar pulling the strings to make this avatar act the way that they are.  Most players try to avoid these types of avatars at all costs, but as everyone knows sometimes you just can’t help but step in their mess especially if you are a person of integrity, or they are such good manipulators you don’t even know you’ve been had.

One of the best things about Virtual Worlds is the music and entertainment (like poetry readings or stage plays).  Many many budding musical artists can get up on a stage and sing their hearts out for you.  They could not do this in the real world due to extreme stage fright or fear of failure.  But as an avatar they have no fear.  In their minds’ eye, it’s not really them singing or playing the music, its the avatar.

Another great party entertainer is the Disc Jockey.  In Virtual Worlds you can attend parties where the DJ is playing all your favorite songs.  You might hear a song you haven’t heard for ages or hear a new song that rocks your world.  Some DJ’s are also real life DJs.  Some have always wanted to DJ and the Virtual World has given them the opportunity to give it a go.

To me, music and fun go together like toast and jam! So if you love music, love fun and want to try something entirely different enter a Virtual World and go to a party! Don’t worry about being alone, the crowd will welcome you by name! Have FUN!

Safe paths,


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