O O O O O October

What amazes me about the month of October is how long it seems to last.  In reality it is only 31 days with the majority of our months being 30 days, so why does one day make such a difference? A puzzle to me. So 0 0 0  0 October month Sunbeam had way too much fun with her favorite holiday “Halloween”. She created a ‘Halloween Haunts’ area in her virtual home, AAcme City, and attended many Halloween themed regions and mazes and parties not to mention shopping for a costume for the BIG night itself!

In between her Halloween build (AAcme City Halloween Haunts) and various other activities she finished up her Scene Five-Immersive Edge:A hypergrid story project which opens November 7th spearheaded by Nara Malone ‘Nook’ and Shannan Albright, two of the sweetest real life romantic authors you’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.  Shannan is new to the Virtual Worlds, about one and half years learning the ropes. Nara has embraced these virtual worlds for a long time.  Sun took the time to sit in the audience during the filming supporting the Immersive Edge team while they were guests on Mal Burn’s InWorld Review Metaverse Broadcasting TV show, cheering them on and beaming with pride to be a part of this unbelievable Virtual World history in the making. It’s hard to believe it was just started a few months back when it was discussed and now it is really happening!

Mal Show Immersive Edge_001

October was the month Sun published her VISIONZ Halloween Issue putting it out 10 days early so the Hyperverse would have plenty of time to absorb the Halloween spirit shown by the Metaverse community.  Such fun and such fabulous visual sightings to explore tickling anyone’s fancies, especially those of us that love the spirit world and the conjuring up what could be beyond our imaginations and beliefs.  It’s Magical indeed!


Sunbeam designed two exhibits; one with her love and soulmate AAcme Fall, together setting up an AAcme City display and the other all about her beloved VISIONZ magazine. to be shown at the upcoming ‘Avatarfest’ event opening November 14th. A joint effort of many talented promoters who so love the community spirit they wish to spread of the word of how awesome it is to be an ‘Avatar of the Metaverse’.  It would be great to say of the Hyperverse, but there are still many closed virtual worldz they put up non penetrable walls for Hypergrid travelers.  .

Avatarfest AAcme_002

and she went to a wedding of her adopted niece Shayna to Will Ingly:

Wedding Shayna and Will_005

plus she was given a ‘peek’ preview of Fred Beckhusen’s additions to his Yo Frankie game and a tour of his Ice Castle, she was honored to be its’ first visitor.  If Fred reads this I’d just like to say “Am not a bug!!! nanny nanny nanny.  I just like to find them and play with them”.  It’s always fun being with Fred how he makes me laugh out loud for real with his wit and charm.  Then when he goes into his ‘techo talk mode’ listen attentively and perhaps a bit greedily to try to absorb and retain as much information as I can because Fred is truly the Da Vinci of the Hyperverse community, in my humble opinion and any time I’m with dear Fred my wings glow brighter and my virtual experience is enhanced.

Snapshot _ Dragons!, Phaze-Dragons (352, 524, 55) - PG

O O O O O Sunbeam also attended quite a few Hypergrid tours with the HG Safari and HG Nights groups. Insert Drumroll here.  Sunbeam Magic was honored by being selected as ‘Miss March’  2016 for the online and real paper version of the HG Safari calendar created by Thirza Ember.  Thirza is a go getter organizing the best tours (did some Zombie killing and reunited with my favorite all time video game Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda virtual representation.  Wowsa was I in game heaven, I remember how that game really brought out the strong connection she developed with her grandson during the Zelda days ((of course that was a few years before I Sunbeam Magic was created)). Thirza also is an artist and clothes designing and creator and full avatars and a zillion other virtual items she shares with the Hyperverse.  Sunbeams’ Halloween costume was made the talented Thirza Ember.

Calendar girl Sunbeam ltrs

Sunbeam attended many, probably should say that twice, many many virtual parties, Of course a Halloween Costume one at Marina Bay Beach Club, one at the Bleeding Rose with dj ladyjo, a couple on GCG with wosy ogrady at the Starlight Ballroom and a couple at the new Hot Rod Cafe with DJ Nox.  She went shopping with friend Talia Sunsong, she attended her friend Isis Ophelia’s birthday day where live singer and long time CECI Dover sang and a couple parties at the Summer of Arts 2015 event on Metropolis and then there were a couple parties on the Tangle grid too.  Phew, October was surely party month indeed!  Oh and she set up a new shops on her friend Kamira Shirah’s new Moroccan build which is totally beautiful and set up a shop at Anna May’s new region too both on the Great Canadian Grid! She visited friends and friends visited her.  What a grand O O O O O October it was indeed.

She took so many pictures this month of all her activities and adventures that it would take a month of Sundays to scroll through them all if posted one by one so we will close this O O O O O blog with a slideshow of the those images (about 88 of them wowsa) …

Sit back and relax and view the show!

As always my valued friends, and soon to be friends, Step in Sunshine!  

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