Falling into October

Slipping Again! (shame on me, its been a month and a day since my last post)

Slipped right into another of my most favorite month > October.  Let me tick off the whys  1) Fall colors 2) Falling leaves 3) True L0ve’s Birthday (Happy Birthday Dude/Oct 19th) 4) Halloween .. who could ask for anything more?  And let me mention how the heat of the Sun diminishes and Harvest Moons brighten the night skies, another plus! It’s not too hot nor too cold! It’s sweater weather! It’s bicycling mornings! It’s the color of orange in all shades! It’s pumpkin pie time! It’s sugar high time! Now who doesn’t love October too?  Bathe in sunbeams! Keep a warm smile on your face! Enjoy October!

fall sunbeamsSeek Peace, Fly High


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