September Morn

Ring for Peace

Ring for Peace

Its barely sunrise and the coolness of the air finally after months of intense heat day and night and mornings is a relief.  September is the most wonderful month to me.  Why? you ask? Most likely because its my birthday Month, yay Virgos!  Many people feel September is their last chance to head out to the beach for one last summer fling or scan the Internet for some last-minute summer loving.  September is the end of summer, scantily clad bodies, cool tan hues on the skin and vacations completed for another year.  A sad time indeed.

September also holds the day observed as ‘International  Day of Peace’ (unofficially known World Peace Day) falling annually on 21 September.  This day encourages the absence of war and violence,  a temporary cease fire in combat zones, and allows for humanitarian aid access.   Many nations, political groups, military groups, and peoples first observed this day of peace in 1982.  In 2013, for the first time, the Day was dedicated by the by the United Nations to “Peace Education”,  in hopes of prevention of war in our Children’s futures. A noble gesture indeed.

Bells begin ringing, school bells that is, ringing across the world signaling it’s time to get back into the spirit of the education.  Then there is the ‘Peace Bell’ , a gift from UN Association of Japan, made from coins donated by children from all continents as a reminder of the human cost of war.  On the side of the Peace Bell an inscription reads “Long live absolute world peace”.  The Peace Bell is located at the United Nations Headquarters located in New York City.  A beautiful sentiment indeed.

September starts off with now fun time Labor Day, originating as a peaceful way to protest for better working conditions and for eight-hour workdays.  September also kicks off the football season for many.  September is the proud recipient of the Alcohol and Drug Recovery Month.  And the end of September is designated for the start of fall, a favorite season filled with colorful leaves and gorgeous weather.  If all that doesn’t make you fall in love with the month of September I don’t know what would.  So now you know why September is my most special month of them all.  Enjoy your September!

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    • Hi Leslie! you are correct my dear! LONGGGGG time. I do think of the good times we’ve have in the past and keep planning on popping in on your new grid! Hope its growing and successful, you’re one of the special ones who deserve the BEST! Huggles!

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