May Delay

May was an unusal month for Sun … she was not so active (have been feeling ‘out of sorts’ lately)  even though she did visit at least eight (8) VW and took tons of photos once again. Sun’s rl counter part was extremely busy not to mention her internet connection was faulty (her cable company sux!) all month.  The Cable guy is expected June 2nd to take a look.  One of Sun’s favorite grids (Metropolis) was off line for about 10 days doing maintenance and she really missed working on her region there called SunbeamS.  Sun did attend the Welcome Back party which was totally awesome once the grid was back up!  Pixel Prim built the coolest steampunk venue!

Speaking of Steampunk, Sun started a new game also this month… called “City of Steam“.  Its a web based MMO ‘steampunk’ fantasy, one of her greatest loves.  Sun  is helping to save the world of Nexus (see added page just for this adventure) and is doing a fine job too if I must say so myself.

So although this post is short and sweet, the many photos say 1000 words or more.  So ‘they’ say! Hope you E-joy!

BrosMoons Mars at EotM_002

New Grid ‘End of the Metaverse’

Fairy Ring 2 t3d

Fairy Ring on Tundra 3D

Firefly glowworm metro_002

Firefly Glowworm Metropolis

Fishing in Tundra got one!

Fishing off ship on Tundra 3D

kiko rockets_002

Kiko shows Sun her Rockets Island Oasis

Lion Goodness Fist_001

Tshirt and headband made for Lion Ewry IO

Metro sunbeams raft_006

SunbeamS region on Metropolis

Metro WB Party_003

Welcome Back online Metropolis

Tree Arch Fairytopia

Tundra 3D Fairytopia Tree Arch

ol hidden glenn tigers_002

Guess who?? yep Minethere Always Olantica

Metro WB Party_008

Guess who again! yep its Miney! HUGGS

Hot time in Metropolis

Welcome Back Party Metropolis HOT time in the old town tonight!

Metro WB Party_001

Party Venue by Pixel Prim Metropolis Welcome Back

Fishing in Tundra_007

Fishing off the ship Tundra 3D

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