SunbeamS Jig


The image below was taken by Praline B on the Metropolis grid at Minethere Always Regions Creations.  This entire region and all items are FREE to those who wish to download the OAR file at Region Creations.

Sun Jig_ Chinese free OAR, minethereAlways photo by Praline bDo the PUZZLE, CLICK HERE

Heart Trees Sunset

This wee area is the beginnings of a romantic stop in Fairytopia on Tundra 3D.  Happy Grid Hopping .

Heart Trees Fairytopia

Do the Puzzle, click here.

Wee part of an IRISH BLESSING

This image was posted on facebook by Jaycee. I was compelled to share as the instant I saw it the well known Irish Blessing burst from my heart!  “A sunbeam to warm your back, a moonbeam to charm you, a sheltering Angel so nothing can harm you.”  Step in Sunshine.

Angel wings in Sunbeams

                                                                                         Do the Puzzle, click here.


Sunbeam recently enjoyed some rides and fun times at the Hobo Amusement Park in SL… on Fossil Bay.  What a great date place destination, especially for Valentine Week ♥   Start at Sunset! Romantic! Ride the Tunnel of Love!

Sunset on Hobo Amusement par, Fossil Bay (83, 82

Click here to DO the Puzzle


Magic is afoot as the oceanic waters of Pisces are heated by Mars. We each have the choice to transform our negativity and become a spiritual warrior. (Mars will be in Pisces waters for six weeks) Navigate with caution. Step in Sunshine ☼

Sun Shines @ Black Spot

Do the Picture Puzzle of Sun Shines @ Black Spot.   Trivia: Summer 2011 Promotion Photo used by Second Life on log-in page etc.  No particular avi was given credit for this most beautiful virtual world ‘Sun’ shot.


A Beautiful sunset off the coast of WHAT Virtual World Ocean.

Our Sun

Do the puzzle, click here!


The sun is nearly setting at this peaceful Indian camp on Avatar Connection:

Summer Solitice_001

 Do the puzzle!

Sun Shine

This little beach cove was done a couple years back on Avatar Connection, lovin’ the way the sun is setting … almost like melting into the ocean! enjoy! the puzzle !

Sun Shine

Do they puzzle! E~joy!

Recently I found a fun thing to do and spend even more time online LOL! Back in September of 2010 when I was in charge of the grid wide Builders Exposition on InWorst the magazine ‘Prim Perfect’ did a nice article and that was my first connection to Saffia Widdershins.  An amazing insightful woman whose webpage ‘Prim Perfect’ and her Facebook group page ‘Virtual Homes & Decor’ are always one of my favorite stops when surfing around my social networks and grids.  While there I like to do the jigsaw puzzle created by of virtual builds or decor that Saffia has submitted.  I just couldn’t help myself … I had to sign up too and start doing some ‘magic’ jigs to cherish and e-joy.  Hope you find jigs a fun past time too.  Step in Sunshine!

The Golden Tree

Golden Tree

Do the puzzle!

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