Sunbeam’s Virtual World Grids

Sunbeam Magic is a member of 10 different virtual grids.  There are probably over 200 Virtual World environments located on the internet. One to fit your special dreams I’m sure.  So if you are thinking of creating an avatar and joining in the fun of VW reality, look me up (my name is Sunbeam Magic in all grids except Second Life) and say “HELLO”.  I love making new friends!   If  you wish further information about any of the grids, please leave me a reply below and I will contact you ASAP.            Seek peace, Fly High! Sunbeam

Sun’s home grid, the GREAT CANADIAN GRID hosts AAcme City, AAcme City, a 3X3 var region where she and a few friends reside, along with the love of her life, AAcme (“Dude”) Fall.  We love our city and enjoy spending time there when not HyperGridding around the Metaverse. City

AAcme Flying A_001


3rd ROCK GRID                            

Dude and Sunbeam first became members of 3rg back in 2009 with their alt avies: Venus Moonshadow and Virtual Builder.  3rg is known for their music emphasis and of course their annual Charity event ROBSTOCK for Doctors Without Borders.  While in 3rg we built and furnished a Steampunk Air Ship we called the Copper Zeppelin.  You can tour the Copper Zeppelin  exhibit in the region ‘Rob’s Barn’ … which is open 24/7.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Copper Zepplin


NARA’S NOOK       

Sunbeam became a member of Nara’s Nook when Nara asked her if she would like to join a team of creators to help produce a virtual reality story now known as Immersive Edge, a hypergrid story/game.  Of course Sun was honored and thrilled to be part of this phenomenal project and quickly said YES YES YES! She was given a region called ‘Scene Five’ and the instructions: a struggle of the hearts and minds of two love sick avatars who must choose between real life or virtual life.  She chose a ‘dream sequence’ and went to work creating a fantasy region where the couple encounters riddles, mazes and hardships before finding some happiness at the end of their dream then moving on to Scene Six.  There are nine scenes and three choices for the ending of this virtual history making storytelling using NPC’s (Non Player Characters).  She learned more in this six month project tham she had ever learned in 10 years of being an avatar.



Sunbeam became a member of Tangle after being a member of Olantica grid which was run by the same founders, Leslie and Gary Kling.  They still had her OAR from Olantica which they uploaded for her and then Sun got busy upgrading her region called Hidden Glenn, a fantasy region for all non=human avatars.  Sun also set up her Blogz R Us reading room on Tangle Estates region. Tangle is also known for their year round Expos which Sun loves to be a participant.  They do Fashion, Steampunk, Halloween, Winterfest and others.  When you come to visit Tangle pop over to Enchanted Village, Hidden Glenn and say Hello.

Enchanted Village Hidden Glenn Tangle_001



Sunbeam became a member of the Craft grid when she saw it being talked about on Google+.  She would pop in occasionally and always enjoyed the friendly people and the artful regions to explore.  Her good friend and fellow blogger virtual Christine calls Craft grid her home as well as her favorite funny guy (she nicknamed Mr. Google) shawnkmaloney.  Shawn has helped her immensely in learning the ins and outs of Google+.  Always a good time when one goes to CRAFT!

Craft Summer Party_002



Sunbeam became a member of this grid back in 2011 when her bff and heart♥sis, Minethere Always told her about a super deal being offered by Zetamex hosting service.  She got quite involved with the German grid for awhile, had her own region and entered the 5th Birthday Building Contest winning 1st place YAY! As things changed and Zetamex no longer offered the free hosting Sunbeam had to move on to greener pastures but still loves to attend the many wonderful events Metro hosts such as Summer of Arts and wonderful poetry readings by some of their citizens.  Miney still calls this grid her Home grid and Sun goes to visit her as often as time allows.

Miney's new metro 1



Although the avatar ‘Sunbeam Magic’ is not a member, we do have a couple avatars still running around in this grid, the Mother of ALL Grids, as we like to call SL.  Her alt’s names there are Kohana Schimmer (a surfing mermaid created in 2008) and Evvie Silverweb (created in 2012, altho Evvie was first created in 2009 on a grid we don’t mention).  Sun likes to pop in to SL surf some waves and chat with her surfing teammates and friends or just explore some regions or attend SL’s spectacular events!


December 2015 I joined the Francogrid and will add my name to be a participant in their annual Fest’Avi… hoping to create a unique Fairy avatar imagined with sun flames and flowers.

Franco Sunbeams_004



Still a member of IO but as it is a ‘closed’ grid, meaning no HyperGrid access Sun rarely goes there.

ISLAND OASIS                             

Still a member of IO but as it is a ‘closed’ grid, meaning no HyperGrid access Sun rarely goes there.


Still a member of VH but as it is a ‘closed’ grid, meaning no HyperGrid access Sun rarely goes there.




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