City of Steam

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NOTE:  City of Steam is no longer a valid game on-line.  It was fun while it lasted.

WOW … a lot has happened since I posted this enthralling promotion of my latest thing to do in the Metaverse of Magic.  City of Steam was taken over by Mechanist Games {  }  They took the foundation of the game seedling called CoS and turned it into a P2W mmorp offering five servers to chose from, two of which are European.  To tell the truth I can’t tell the difference between the United States servers and the European servers.  Both in the World Chat and the Company tab everyone spoke, or should I say “typed” English.

The competition is quite fierce on all servers and the top player is generally hated and booed by lower level warriors who can’t beat him/her.  The side events and offerings of the expansion of City of Steam offer casino like games to spin for your awards to make a stronger warrior.  Warning: May be addictive to those with gambling issues.  But if that’s your cup of tea, sit down, log on and try your luck at advertised Free to Play City of Steam:Arkadia.  They offer free to play and it is doable.  I experimented with creating a gunner, named SunMagic of course, and have not spent a penny of helping her upgrade.  My other SunMagic characters have each spent about 30 USA dollars through paypal. 

My reasoning for spending money on this colorful game: a good PlayStation game costs an average of 40-50 USA dollars so I am just redirecting my gaming passion expenditures from a solo hardware unit, to a multi-player internet unit.   The $90 was spent over a time period of about 10 months.  So I spent about 9 USA dollars per month to shoot monsters and duel global world wide warriors of many talents.  My greatest fun was being in a company (or guild or clan as some refer to team group created).

If you are semi good, active, loyal, assist in the company by bringing in new members, help lower level warriors with their advancements, donate your hard earn shillings to the company coffers (when you would much rather spend your shillings on a new Mercenary or upgrade your cool weapon!)  being in a company is very advantageous.    You start out as lowly soldier but can work you way up to Co-Leader of the group.  You get to know a few of your company members but never to level that the Virtual Worlds offer when meeting other human beings via the Metaverse.   Here are few snapshots of City of Steam:Arkadia from my obsessive playing this last year.  LOL

City of Steam Population

bandicam 2014-01-19 18-22-04-962

bandicam 2014-04-18 12-37-29-125

PvP Cos 8-24-2014 SunMagic s2

Vandars Tarvern Season of Soul

The  music, the action, the sound effects, the stylish Armour, the quests … the team spirit!  This web based game has it all… still in beta its been so fun and the genre is called ‘industrial fantasy’ or in my opinion Steampunky!  If you want to see more of try it out yourself go to *http:/  /  /  ( July 2014: UPDATE: City of Steam is NO longer r2 now owned by Mechanists ) .  Here are some pictures of ‘SunMagic’ ‘s character.   NOTE: r2 no longer hosts City of Steam

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