Well, shame on me!

It’s been just a tad over five months since my last blog! Shame on me!! I think about it often but never follow through. Shame on me!! I could complain, my rl life has been so chaotic, the Covid pandemic has left me depressed, my Dude’s Cancer fight takes more of my time, etc. etc. etc. So many excuses have I that I could throw out here! Shame on me!! As you know, complaining has never done anyone any good and is totally 180 degrees past my positive, loving, happy go lucky attitude so instead I do nothing at all. Shame on me!!

Shame: used when you wish a situation was different, and you feel sad or disappointed. I am very disappointed in myself. I wish I blogged at least once a month. I wish I had the self confidence and oomph needed to attract more readers. I wish my life was less ‘drama’ driven as it seems to have been this last year, 2021. As my Grandmother would say “Stop wishing your life away.” Here’s where I inject a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022 … I’m hoping and wishing 2022 will a grand year for all (and me)!

As I do every year I resolve to blog more often. Big Grin. I try to Blog mostly about my fun adventures and the marvelous regions and people I see as an avatar; many post are thoughts and feelings my mind muses. But, I also keep secret my inworld drama which I seem to step right into without even trying at all. Shame on me!! No one wants to hear about ‘drama’ talk. There are always two sides to every drama and whose to truly know what is real and what is fantasy. Not I. It was drama that lead me to start this blog, true, but I have tried very hard to leave drama behind and share the light.

So I will close this post now with a better attitude and hopefully better blogs to write. I want to write without shame or pride or over-compensation in one direction or another. To write freely. Thank you for once again reading my blog my dear friends. Remember, Step in Sunshine, let the light shine on your face and feel the warmth and love.

... to write freely.

7 comments on “Well, shame on me!

  1. No shame, dearest Sunshine. I have a blog too and have not added anything in 8 months, though I keep thinking about it, LOL. We even moved to Digiworldz and I didn’t even mention it.

  2. No shame, dearest Sunshine. You are dealing with a lot that most don’t. I have a blog and haven’t posted to it in 8 months though I keep imagining I am doing so. We even moved Sendalonde Library to Digiworldz grid and I didn’t even mention it. You are an inspiration dear. We think about you often.

  3. You know gosh darn well that you just took the words right out of my fingers,and that you will get an earfull, when you don’t make me type. 🙂 OR make me give my e-mail and name just to be able to type comment. Oh wait, I don’t see Opensim tagged in yer blog here, just That First Huge Closed Grid. Now gimme back my email and name since it’s so exclusive. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • I have land on 3rdRock Betty White… I’m a big fan of OpenSim too! Been inworlds for about 16 years now… whoa!! lol it even amazes me sometimes. Keep those fingers limber! and type type type. Take Care ♥♥♥

  4. I can get the same, having huge gaps between posting sometimes, though I’ve been not to bad here, managing to post my poetry fairly regularly. Where I can have huge gaps is my blogger page which is specifically about SL, I can get a bit lazy about it lol

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