Avatar Day of Nonsense

Well for almost 90 days now AAcme and Sunbeam have done nothing but build build build; whenever I fiddle with Sun’s puppet strings she has to also chat chat chat with her virtual world wide community friends *yada yada yada* and then of course she had to pop in a couple musical events (Russell Eponym  and CelticMaidenWarrior) and then she  just Had to attend a couple tours with notable Hypergrid tour groups (Safari and Hypergrid Nights) in between building duties . Exploring is just  too much fun to miss out on, I must admit!

Well anyway, back to how Sunbeam spent my online time today.  Messing  with her own Avatar! Yep we was totally vain today popping in and out of appearance. changing clothes a dozen times mixing and matching outfits, trying on a new pair of cool high heels (back to Roller Skates I’m sure sooner than later), combing my golden locks to a glowing shine and freshening up my makeup! Phew~ a gal needs to pamper herself from time to time and mostly I’m only running around construction or remodeling sites trying to multi=task a thousand projects.  Phew~

 All of a sudden I looked up at the clock and the day was half gone before I even knew it!  I really must do this more often LOL of course I totally meant to clean up my inventory and rename those numbered textures that floods your texture tab every time you import one of your cherished creations.  Such a bore! Maybe tomorrow we will start the ‘clean up’ chores.  Maybe. 

Enjoy your time and step in sunshine!

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